Structured Study Program | Overview

Hack Reactor is challenging, rewarding and transformational. 

We select driven, smart, compassionate students and train them through the industry’s most relevant and focused software engineering training program.  

As part of our admissions process, you will need to learn the fundamentals of programming and show us you can tackle problems like a promising engineer. This can be achieved at your own pace (through Hack Reactor Prep), or through this structured, live class.

What is the Structured Study Program (SSP)?

Hack Reactor’s SSP is a concentrated prep program designed to take participants from beginners to Hack Reactor Immersive ready through over 100 hours of live supported learning. Class is conducted entirely remotely using various online tools.

SSP runs in the 1-2 months preceding each immersive cohort start date. Students who succesfsfully complete SSP and the Final SSP Readiness Assessment will earn an acceptance to Hack Reactor good for any start date following the end of the SSP program (including the immediate next cohort!)

SSP is a complete path for immersive preparation and admittance. It is suitable for students who have not yet passed Hack Reactor's technical interview. Assessments are built directly into the program - students who pass SSP will achieve admittance into the subsequent Immersive. 

The SSP course costs $250 up front. If you pass the Final SSP Readiness Assessment and enroll in the Immersive, the full $250 is offset via a matching discount to the Immersive.

Space in SSP is limited. If you are serious about joining Hack Reactor, you should register in SSP as soon as possible.


SSP is an intense preparation program. Class is held six times a week: Monday to Thursday 6:00pm to 9:00pm Pacific Time and Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 7:00pm (5:00pm for students in the 7-week format) Pacific Time. **Please note that if you are joining us from another timezone, you'll need to adjust your start time (for example, this course run from 9pm-12am for students in the US-Eastern timezone).

The following SSP courses are currently available for registration:

Class(es) above are suitable for and designed to lead into the following Immersive Programs:

  • Full-time at Hack Reactor NYC, LA or Austin: Starting on or after Oct 2
  • Full-time at Hack Reactor SF or Remote (online): Starting on or after Oct 9
  • Part-time at Hack Reactor Remote (online): Starting on or after Oct 10

SSP courses for future Immersive start date will be released a few months prior to each Immersive program. Please check back later.

Program Structure

SSP is a new offering at Hack Reactor and is currently in Beta status. 

As with any new product or course, it is subject to changes/revisions as we troubleshoot any hiccups that may occur. We do our best to keep you up to date on these changes as far out as possible, and appreciate your patience as we iterate to create the best possible program

There are two parts to SSP, plus prerequisite work you have to do before the first day of class.

Part 1 - JavaScript Fundamentals This part takes up roughly the first half of SSP and will cover all the content you find in the Hack Reactor Prep program. This part of the program will focus on taking from what you did as the prerequisites and build you up to where you have mastered how to write basic functions, conditionals, iteration, and how to traverse nested data structures.

Part 2 - Hack Reactor Precourse This part of the program takes place roughly during the second half of SSP and will cover the Precourse content that all admitted students complete before they start the Hack Reactor Immersive program. This content will cover some Computer Science fundamentals, higher order functions, recursion, and how to build a basic web application.

Because we cover the full Precourse content, graduates of the SSP program will be eligible to begin the Immersive program immediately after SSP.


SSP assumes you have an understanding of basic JavaScript. The course moves very quickly and successful graduates typically complete both the hard requirement and the strongly recommended prerequisites.

  • Hard Requirement: Udacity's Intro to JavaScript course (estimated 10-12 hours to complete). Please note: This requirement has previously been the Codecademy JavaScript Track, however, due to a change in Codecademy's curriculum, we have moved to what we believe to be a better option.
  • Strongly Recommended: Gordon Zhu’s Watch and Code up to and including “Interlude - Data types and comparisons” + First four chapters of Eloquent JavaScript


Before you register, please review these important FAQs about the Structured Study Program. For questions, please email

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