The Telegraph Track at Hack Reactor Supports Underrepresented Communities in Tech

We incorporated Telegraph Academy into Hack Reactor, creating the Telegraph Track: a program that provides support and community to underrepresented groups, empowering them to have successful careers as software engineers.

Hack Reactor is doubling down on diversity by incorporating Telegraph Academy into the main course offering. We are running a pilot program aimed at providing additional support and community to underrepresented groups in tech. 

The goal of the program is to diversify the tech industry by actively recruiting talented, underrepresented people, who’d like to transition their careers by becoming Software Engineers.

The Telegraph Track focuses heavily on the non-technical challenges that underrepresented engineers have to face when they work in Silicon Valley. Albrey Brown and Mo Akade host workshops on professionalism, unconscious bias, and connect students with mentors who reflect their background and technical interests. 

Why recreate the wheel? Hack Reactor already perfected bootcamp education, we’d like to perfect the pipeline that leads to that opportunity for everyone who’s serious about being a Software Engineer. If POC, women, LGBTQ, and other communities had access to Silicon Valley they’d be here — Hack Reactor provides the best way to join at an accelerated pace, and now we’re focused on making it the most inclusive.

- Albrey Brown, Co-Founder Telegraph Academy

Want to be on the Telegraph Track?

Telegraph Track provides students with an extra layer of non-technical support while they attend Hack Reactor SF through mentorship, additional career training, and networking opportunities with reps from companies who are interested in building diverse workplaces.

Want to Learn About Our Scholarships?

We are passionate about creating a pathway for all hardworking individuals to a successful software engineering career. Our $1.3 million scholarship fund is open to all, with at least 50% reserved for underrepresented groups in technology.

Want to Hire Our Graduates? 

Our graduates thrive at small startups and big corporations alike. They are a group of motivated, entrepreneurial individuals who are equipped with the most in-demand skills of the 21st century. Contact our corporate development team to find your next great hire in our network. 

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