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The Premier School for Software Engineering 

Hack Reactor is an industry-leading school for software engineering, led by engineering leaders and former hiring managers.  

Our hallmark offering is an advanced immersive training program, where we've graduated over 3,000 highly successful engineers. We're known for consistently producing software engineers the best teams want to hire and our standard, transparent students outcomes can prove it.  

Learn from San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Austin or Anywhere with our in-person and virtual campuses.

“This school has completely changed my life. It’s hard to imagine being an engineer without Hack Reactor. I can’t imagine I would have gained so much knowledge and understanding in a short amount of time in any other way.”  

Edgar Pabon, Veteran & Musician to Software Engineer @ Amazon Music  

“Hack Reactor taught me how to learn. Of course they give you certain technical skills, but more than anything it gave me the foundation for how to learn the next thing. My Hack Reactor education is going to stay relevant until the internet blows up.”  

Tess Meyers, Arts & Metalworking to Software Engineer @ Pandora 

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Hack Reactor has partnered with Code City to offer serious prospective students an opportunity to take our live online prep class and prepare for admittance into our immersive at virtually no cost. 

This program, called our Structured Study Program, provides over 100 hours of live supported learning in a group setting using various online tools. 

While seats last, you are invited to enroll as long as you are committed to attending 90% of class sessions. To ensure commitment, we require a $50 fully-refundable deposit that will be fully refunded if you have met attendance requirements.  

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