Hack Reactor Remote Part Time | Learn JavaScript

Live. Online. Part-Time. 

Learn Full Stack software development online, without quitting your job. 

Learn the industry’s best-in-class curriculum, from wherever you are, in this live, online coding bootcamp.  

  • Classes on evenings and weekends, taught over nine months
  • Learn, collaborate, and network alongside a community of students from across the country
  • Classes predominantly conducted using cloud-based, real-time web conferencing software

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Get Started

Sign up to receive more info on Hack Reactor's Remote Part-Time Program.

* New York state regulation: Hack Reactor Remote Part-Time is currently unable to accept students in New York. We are planning to submit the Remote Part-Time program for approval in New York; our in-person immersive is pending approval. 

The Hack Reactor Online Coding Bootcamp Experience

The Remote Part-Time course is Hack Reactor's off-hours version of its Remote Immersive program. This course brings you the top instructional expertise and career outcomes Hack Reactor is known for, but is delivered across a schedule and timeline that may be more conducive to your current daily work and family responsibilities.  

By using our highly-refined set of lessons on Full-Stack JavaScript, Computer Science, fundamentals, and key soft skills, students of this part-time program will learn to become an autonomous engineer, capable of tackling unique problems and building complex applications.  

Master the Fundamentals while Exploring new Tech

Build production-grade web applications

Many programs teach in-demand technologies. At Hack Reactor we go further, weaving together bleeding-edge tech and Computer Science fundamentals, so that you can pick up new languages, libraries and frameworks at will. Because next year’s most important tech trends might not exist today.

Our course is results-focused. Students learn technologies and fundamentals, then immediately put them into action with carefully designed assignments and personal projects that students conceive of and build from the ground up.

Think Like a Software Engineer

Top Career Support

Professional software engineers have defined goals, but no roadmap of how to get there. Our students don’t just follow directions, they learn how to chart the course.

Prep for a competitive job market with our resume assistance and career coaching. By representing your skills well on paper and in interviews, you’ll be ready for everything from startups to major tech firms.

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Hack Reactor Remote Part-Time is Right For You If...

You are looking for a part-time online coding bootcamp that is otherwise the same as our remote immersive.

You are looking for a more rigorous, community-focused learning experience than self-paced or solo options.

You want to deepen your technical knowledge through a program while keeping your current job.

You want to experience and benefit from pair-programming, a hallmark of Hack Reactor.

Remote Part Time is perfect if you're aiming to change careers, and for front-end developers, product managers, QA engineers, marketers, designers and others looking to expand their technical experience. Get started today.

On the Forefront of Emerging Technology

1st Coding School with Blockchain Curriculum

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It is changing the face of software development and has the potential to disrupt countless industries in the very near future. Hack Reactor has incorporated Blockchain curriculum into its Remote Part-Time program in order to empower programmers on the forefront of this emerging technology.  

Education will play a huge role in building up the skills to navigate Blockchain technology. You can be among the new generation of successful job seekers to master Blockchain and add this competence to your skillset.  

Our SSP (Structured Study Program) is designed to take participants from beginners to Hack Reactor ready. If you're serious about coding school, SSP will help you develop foundational programming & Javascript skills necessary to take on the Remote Part-Time program.  

“Hack Reactor Grads are Our First Choice”

"The best coding bootcamps simulate a real-world software environment for their students; the grads are so well-prepared, they come in and hit the ground running. That’s really what we’re looking for."  

— Dustin B., Cisco

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the next cohorts and what is the class schedule?  

June 19, 2018 Tue/Thu 6pm-9pm & Sat 9am-2pm Breaks: Week of Nov 18 and Dec 23 Graduation: Mar 9, 2019

August 6, 2018 Mon/Wed 6pm-9pm & Sat 9am-2pm Breaks: Week of Nov 18 and Dec 23 Graduation: Apr 27, 2019 

Where does class take place?  

The class is run 100% live online.

Is the program self-paced?

No, students are expected to commit 18-20 hours per week, inclusive of class sessions. There are opportunities to dive deeper into advanced content, but not to skip ahead in the curriculum. 

How much does the program cost?

$17,980 (the same as our other immersive programs)

Are there financing options?

Yes, in addition to our normal financing options, we are willing to make special accommodations for motivated students who would otherwise not be able to afford the full tuition up front. Preference is given to early applicants.

Is the Hack Reactor Scholarship available to part-time students?

Yes. Please visit our Scholarships page for more info. 

What if I can't afford the tuition? Are payment plans available?

Please fill out the interest form. If the only thing holding you back is financial constraints, let's talk about ways to make this work!

Can I start with the part-time program and switch to the full-time immersive? 

For a variety of reasons, this is not a viable pathway. Once students have chosen a given program, they should fully commit.

What if I have a scheduling conflict?  

There is a process for managing planned absences; however, students are expected to prioritize program attendance. Absences are managed on a case-by-case basis, and may impact student standing. 

When should I apply? 

ASAP! There is a non-trivial amount of work to be done after admission and before the first day of class, so sooner is better.

How do I prepare for admission?

First, sign up above for more info. 

Additionally, check out Hack Reactor Prep to prepare for your interview. We offer a free, self-paced product in addition to a (paid) mentor-supported experience. 

Alternatively, our Structured Study Program, a 100-hour online prep course, is available for $250 and is the most expedient route into our program if you have the time available.