Structured Study Program

Don’t just Learn to Code: Think Like a Software Engineer

"With no formal coding experience, and no dedicated path to begin a coding career, I felt stuck. But Structured Study Program propelled my level of coding understanding forward at a rate I never thought I'd achieve. It excited me for what I could expect to achieve in the Immersive. And it gave me hope to what I could accomplish in my future career."  

—Tiffany P, Hack Reactor alumni, former Structured Study Program student  

Structured Study Program

Hack Reactor @ Galvanize has partnered with MissionBit to offer students a fast-track coding program and an opportunity to prepare for admittance into Hack Reactor’s 12-week Immersive Coding Bootcamp.  

 The Structured Study Program provides over 100 hours of live supported learning in a group setting where you’ll develop foundational programming & Javascript skills.

A program built to overcome the challenges of self-paced learning, including weekly assessments that provide you with updates on your progress, and on-site support as a safety net. 

While no pre-existing knowledge is required to sign up -- the most important thing is a commitment to us and yourself -- we do ask all students to put in some time before the first day of class to complete our recommended pre-requisites (10-12 hours of work). You can read more about these pre-requisites in our FAQ.

Participation is essential and we ask all students to attend at least 27 of the 30 classes.  

Class Schedule and Location

Class starts: Tues, February 5, 2019

Class ends: Sat, April 13, 2019

Class Times: Class meets three times each week. (Detailed Class Schedule)

  • Tuesdays from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Thursdays from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Saturdays from 10:00am - 5:00pm (lunch break from 1p-2p)


SF Black Fire Fighters Association

4936 3rd Sreet, San Francisco, CA 94124

Learn quickly and effectively - with the focus, community and accountability you need to succeed

This program is designed to take participants from beginners to Hack Reactor Immersive ready. Over 100 hours of live supported learning in a group setting using various online tools. SSP students can expect:

Expert-Led Curriculum

Students from All Levels

Superior Staff-Support

Industry-Like Challenges

Over 9 out of 10 Structured Study Program students would recommend it to a friend 

— SSP Student Satisfaction Survey, All-Time, conducted through November 2017

Expert-Led Curriculum

Hack Reactor Structured Study Program isn't just about "learning JavaScript" or generically "learning to code". Rather, you begin developing skills and habits that will serve you well for your entire career.  

Staff members who wrote the coding bootcamp prep curriculum have worked at Google, YouTube, Twitter, and various other top tech companies.

Students from All Levels

No pre-existing knowledge is required to sign up for our Structured Study Program. 

You’ll develop foundational programming & Javascript skills in step with a group of other driven students, discover your passion for coding and get a feel for the immersive environment.

Daily Kickoff

Superior Staff-Support

We push students to behave like autonomous junior engineers, but provide support as a safety net. 

Weekly assessments provide you with updates on your progress. Plus, our on-demand HelpDesk works with you to move past your sticking points. 

Industry-Like Challenges

Our Structured Study Program is built to overcome the challenges of self-paced learning. 

There’s no need to wonder if you’re studying the right material or whether you’re on pace to join the next immersive - this program provides the complete structure, schedule and a motivating environment with peers just like you.